The Western Valley Regional Service Commission, a body corporate, was established in January 1, 2013.  WVRSC is a consolidation of the former Rural District Planning Commission and the Valley Solid Waste Commission.  The Regional Service Delivery model stems from the Government of New Brunswick Action Plan for a New Local Governance System in New Brunswick (2011).   The Plan outlines the formation of 12 Regional Service Commission for the main purpose of planning, facilitating, and delivering services to both municipal and unincorporated communities (Local Service Districts (LSDs)).

Serviced Area:

The Western Valley Region includes the area delineated in the embedded map.  This is the area serviced by The Western Valley Regional Service Commission (WVRSC).

Services Offered:

The Regional Service Delivery Act requires that the Commission provide the following mandated services:

  • Regional Planning
  • Local Planning in Local Service Districts
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Regional Policing Collaboration
  • Regional Emergency Measures Planning
  • Regional Sport, Recreational, and Cultural Infrastructure Planning and Cost-Sharing

at the Regional Service Commissions of New Brunswick