Waste Disposal

WVRSC is responsible for shipping equal amounts of waste to each landfill (+/- 5%).

The Valley Region generated and shipped the following metric tonnes for final disposal to the landfill facilities:

2020       18,630

2019       18,307

2018       18,522

2017       18,619

2016       17,966

2015       18,198

2014       18,986

Solid Waste collected from residents and the Institutional / Commercial / Industrial sectors in Victoria County is transported directly to the landfill at Northwest Regional Service Commission Solid Waste Service (formally Cogerno).

In Carleton County, waste is first received at the Southern Valley transfer station for reloading into larger vehicles for transportation to the landfills.

In addition to solid waste, the transfer station accepts clean, separated construction and demolition materials, scrap metals, corrugated cardboard and other recyclables.

Contact the operator for additional information.

The technology behind waste disposal has become more advanced and our garbage is no longer dropped off in dumps. Since the late 1990’s the waste from Carleton and Victoria Counties has been sent to sanitary landfills.

Northwest Regional Service Commission