Our goal is to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill from within our region, and recycling is the best way to achieve this goal. In order to encourage members of our communities to recycle we have set up 7 drop off bin locations throughout the region.

Tips to make recycling easier:

  • Set up bins- find a convenient location within your home to place your bins (i.e. under the kitchen sink, in the laundry room, or the garage);
  • Label your bins- to ensure the whole family know what items belong in what bin;
  • Make it a routine- pick a convenient time to take your recycling to the drop off bin each week;
  • Get the kids involved!

What Can Go In My Bin?

Recycle NB

Is the recycling bin in your area full? Please give us a call and we will arrange to have the bin emptied!
(506)276-3610 ext 201.